Escort Service



Lenny Ackerman, a sweet-hearted virgin takes the reins of his father’s limousine business after graduating business school. His grand illusion of building the family business into an ‘Ackerman Limousine Empire’ crumbles around him as the economy takes a dump and the first installment payment comes due on the 10 shiny new stretch limousines he’s purchased by way of ‘Cookie’ the loan shark’s money.

Mario Vasquez, a self assured, free-wheeling culinary chef has dreams of owning his own bistro someday. He teams up with his best friend Lenny after being fired from yet another dead-end, fast-food hamburger joint.

Vinnie and Tony; 'the broken nose brothers' come to collect the first installment payment from Lenny. Understandably, our hero hasn't made a dime on his investments and has no money to hand over...


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